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Black and Gold in Brooklyn

I sort of wish I could go all Weird Science on Black and Gold and turn it into the perfect girlfriend. The space is part record store (the first time I went in, the Gorilla Biscuits’ Start Today was smiling at me from a very well-curated bin of vinyl that took me back to the days of being a nerdy 18 year-old who thought he was hardcore), part coffee house (they serve up some damn good coffee), and it’s also an antique and curiosity shop.

They have lots of old fraternal lodge items, taxidermy (at one point, a stuffed hyena the size of a bear), hand-painted signs, and just generally cool antique and vintage objects that beg to be taken home. If you’re not in the neighborhood, maybe think about making a full day of it in Carroll Gardens. Check out Frankies 457, Prime Meats, Buttermilk Channel for some great eats and then walk over to Smith Street Tattoo Parlour for some new ink or to just look at their large collection of tattoo flash art.