Featured Image for The Dip: an American diner in Sydney

The Dip: an American diner in Sydney

One of Sydney’s hottest live music venues got a little bit cooler last month with the opening of The Dip, a restaurant that offers a rad new take on the classic American diner. The new food stop is right at home inside the nightclub Goodgod thanks to the influence of one of its co-founders, Sydney DJ Sleater Brockman (aka Andrew Levins), who’s just as skilled at flipping burgers as he is at spinning tunes. [photo via Concrete Playground]

“I like that you can be creative in music and creative in the way you eat as well,” says Levins, who founded The Dip with his partner, Bianca Khalil. “We’re a pretty creative diner I think; there’s lots of fun things that you don’t really see on other menus.”

Stick around after you finish your tasty pulled pork sandwich and dance up an appetite for dessert. ‘I’ll be DJing at Goodgod a lot after my kitchen shifts’, Levins promises. ‘Apron off and headphones on!’