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Cumulus Inc. cafe in Melbourne

Located on a non-descript lane, just a short walk from Melbourne’s Federation Square, you’ll find Cumulus Inc. Arguably the city’s hippest brunch spot, the restaurant attracts businessmen on their way to work, expats reading the morning paper, and families sharing a meal. The high ceilings and marble and steel hardware invoke a modern feel, while the whimsical lamps and brightly colored pillars bring warmth to the dining room.

If you’re willing to dine at the bar, you’ll be treated to a front row view of the open kitchen, where you’ll see the chefs diligently whipping up inventive dishes like the smoked salmon croque-monsieur. Pay careful attention to the eggs they pull from the water bath and how delicately the barely-set whites hold the custardy yolks in suspension. And make sure you save room for dessert. The madeleines filled with lemon curd are a favorite. They take about fifteen minutes to prepare, but it’s well worth the wait.