Featured Image for Feverpops popsicles from an eco-friendly truck in Miami

Feverpops popsicles from an eco-friendly truck in Miami

Popsicles and summer: a perfect combination. In Florida, the land of endless summer, a husband and wife duo brings this unadulterated treat to the streets, where they serve their Feverpops from a sleek, eco-friendly ‘truck’ to in-the-know kids of all ages.

Chief popsicle maker, Felecia Hatcher, scours local farmers markets for the freshest, most seasonal produce she can find, then uses it to create her flirty, finger-licking flavors. For fruit fanatics, there’s creamy coconut and sweet, refreshing watermelon mint. The savory-minded should watch out for pine nut or chocolate banana sea salt popsicles. And the booze lovers can drool over the strawberry mojito and peach bourbon (yep, they’re spiked). Track down one of these delicacies if you can, or dream about the latest flavors by following them on Twitter. And in case you’re still not convinced, Feverish fuses music, art, fashion, and social awareness with their ice creams and pops. Talk about the cherry on top.