Featured Image for Tokyo’s Alice in Magic World

Tokyo’s Alice in Magic World

Ever wished you could jump through your TV screen and live in the dreamy land of animated fairy tales? Well if you go to Tokyo, you can come pretty close — at least, for the space of an evening. Just head over to Alice in Magic World, a new café-cum-fantasy space that’s inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic (and subsequent Disney movie).

While you’re there, you can sit inside an enchanted forest, loll against leather-bound books as big as sofas, and even dine on pizza slices made to look like the tail of the Cheshire cat. ‘We wanted to give guests excitement and surprise, like an unreal world with various wonderlands’, says Eiichi Maruyama, who designed the space with business partner Katsunori Suzuki. Sounds good to us – this is one rabbit hole we’ll jump down headfirst.
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