Love, The Bus: crowd sourcing ideas to fund youth projects

‘What good can we do?’ was the question that started it all. And at 3am on a drifting boat in Boston Harbor, three best friends came up with their answer: Road Trip! Love, The Bus was born, a mission to find and fund the worthiest youth causes of America. But the three know they can’t do it alone, so they’re trying to get as many people involved along the way as possible.

Through advancements in mobile technology and social media trends, the trip is crowd sourcing ideas; of where to go, who to help, and what to do during the adventure.

The three are accepting challenges from viewers (their version of a marathon run for charity) and as they complete them, they fund youth and community driven organizations, all suggested by their viewers.

It’s a story about following dreams, and giving back through creativity and modern means. They are discovering just what three guys and a bus can do to help others, and they need you to get involved to add spontaneity, adventure, and hilarity to their trip, while raising your suggestions of America’s best youth causes.