Hobo With A Shotgun: horror, thriller, or comedy?

Hobo With A Shotgun might require a new genre. It doesn’t quite fit into ‘horror’, ‘thriller’ or ‘comedy’. It’s a little bit and a lot of all the above. First created as a fake trailer for the Grindhouse series, sort of like Machete, it was decided that Hobo With A Shotgun become a full-length feature by writer and director, Jason Eisener.

Rutger Hauer plays the main character, a homeless bum with a taste for crime-fighting, and does he ever get his revenge upon spending his begging change on a shotgun and going after the crooked cops and evildoers of Fuck Town. Subjectivity could go either way for this film. It really depends on what you are eating at the time. Get ready for the most gore one could possibly endure in one sitting.