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Interview with Planningtorock

Planningtorock is the stage persona and creative form of Bolton-born Janine Rostron, whose powerful and haunting electronica was born in Berlin where Janine has lived for the past ten years. We checked in with her to ask a few questions about her music and her style. [Listen to her new single Doorway at the end of the interview]

What were some of the inspirations for this album, W?
‘I wanted to make music that I didn’t know yet, that was new to me. I worked for a long time on the production and produced a specific sonic style for the record using instruments such as saxophone, percussion and strings. I’d say that my inspiration for this record comes from a strong passion for certain instruments and sounds and I sculpt songs using that obsession’.

I read that you are working on a new prosthetic nose. Where did this idea come from and is this something you wear only for shows?
‘The idea for the prosthetic facial extension was to make visual what I was producing in the music, especially with the production on my vocals. I bought some face putty from a theater store and started to add it to my brow and something interesting happened: it was almost like the voice on the record was coming alive. You’ll have too come to the live show to see if I’m wearing the prosthetic or not’.

You have such a unique style. Where do you find your clothes?
‘The only time I think seriously about clothes is when I’m preparing the live show, and for this, I recycle a lot of old clothes and customize them for stage. For everyday clothing, I wear mostly C&A’.

What is an item of clothing you would not be caught dead wearing?
‘I’m probably wearing it’!

What do you consider the perfect day in Berlin?
‘A day in my studio, and then if it’s summer, a swim at the lakes with friends after work’.

When do you get the best ideas for songs?
‘The best ideas come just when you think nothing is working, then suddenly you hit on upon something interesting and end up staying in the studio all night until it’s finished!’

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
‘I had brunch with friends at Südblock in X-berg’.


Photo credit: Goodyn Green

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