Featured Image for Railroad Cafe in Hackney, London

Railroad Cafe in Hackney, London

Our friends Matt and Lizzie recently opened a new cafe on Morning Lane in Hackney, Railroad, and it’s definitely our favourite place to get a coffee, a quick lunch, or take someone for dinner. Well known on the East London coffee circuit, Matt and Lizzie decided to set up on their own in this converted Nigerian barber shop. What makes it special, though, is the food, which is on another level (the Vietnamese baguette and cakes are my favourite!) and all super cheap.

With a small menu that changes daily and using only the best ingredients, it’s a one of a kind and is making a name for itself as one of the best little restaurants in East London. They do gigs downstairs in the basement on Saturdays and have a very popular open mike night, Bright Idea, on Wednesdays. We recorded one of the songs from our album, The Bridge, in the basement on their day off! Check out the 4 star review in Timeout and hurry down before all the cake runs out.