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Dark truffle olive oil chocolates

Nudo Olive Oil is something that The Urban Grocer has been hooked on since the very beginning. The work of two British expats who have relocated to Le Marche, Italy, Nudo is an adopt-an-olive-tree program, where wannabe harvesters can own their own piece of an Italian olive tree and the gorgeous oil it produces. Money from the adoption program goes on to fund farmers who can continue to create 100% Italian olive oils using traditional and artisanal methods. We’re sold.

And now, Nudo has just gotten a little bit sweeter with the introduction of dark truffle olive oil chocolates. Just like with the oil, Nudo Cioccolatini are a community venture from start to finish. Made by two local chocolatiers known as Michele and Ivan, each handmade treat infuses Nudo’s beloved olive oil and is then hand wrapped by neighborhood nuns (yes, nuns) in the brand’s brilliant red, orange, and yellow foil. The subtly sweet chocolate truffles come in three ganache flavors: lemon, mandarin, and pepperoncino.

So wherever you are in the world, you can now live your dream of owning an Italian olive grove, indulging in local oils made by your tree, and following it up with its sweet chocolate counterpart. Ah, la dolce vita.