Featured Image for Colourful dining at Clancy’s Fishbar in Perth

Colourful dining at Clancy’s Fishbar in Perth

Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? Well, sometimes you just really want to and with Clancy’s Fishbar in Perth, Australia, we really wanted to. Take one look at the interior and you’ll see why. Colorful and patterned fabric chandeliers nonchalantly hang from the ceiling, giving the whole space a bright, welcoming playfulness. This is matched brilliantly with a kaleidoscope of multi-colored chairs and dazzling prints, not to mention floor to ceiling windows with views overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Not too shabby, but what about the food? Though we can’t say much on the subject, having never tasted it, locals say it’s some of the best pub fare in town. Their menu boasts a diversity of eats from much-loved beer battered fish and chips, to more inventive options like Peri spiced dusted squid served with a watermelon, mint, cucumber, and pineapple salsa (yes please). Clancy’s also rocks a solid range of local beers from Western Australia’s top brewers. So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself hanging out on the Indian Ocean near City Beach in Perth, then you’d do well to sit in a bright chair overlooking the sea while downing local beer and fish and chips.
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