Featured Image for Wicked tattoo art by Jondix

Wicked tattoo art by Jondix

Friends. Family. Choice. Tattoos. Beauty marks and freckles. You get the point. In the spirit of art, customization and individuality, getting inked up is a major part of my life. While I am not quite on Wiz or Weezy status with the tats, I definitely have a few pieces that I cherish. One is from Jondix, an amazing artist from Barcelona who makes Stateside cameos only a few times a year.

He usually tattoos out of New York Adorned when he comes to the city, but you can also visit him in Spain throughout the year. Be ready to bring your time, money and pain threshold, as Jondix tattoos are an artful and ancient process that are silent, spiritual and deliberate. Every design is made up of hundreds and thousands of individual dots. He’s studied under many a Tibetan and Buddhist tattoo masters.