Trashmaster: a movie made entirely in Grand Theft Auto

I mention this, not because it is something I watched the whole way through and enjoyed, but because it succeeded at something I tried to do and failed. Years ago (in 2004) I tried to do this. I got cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and turned the main character into a six foot tall stripper in a red white and star spangled blue bikini, then recorded the game-play of her with my camera, as she went running around town with a machete.

I was still “finding” myself as an artist. The interesting thing is that I used cheat codes to do all this, as did the makers of this film. But the creators of Grand Theft Auto created cheat codes because they wanted to make it possible to win by cheating — which is an extension of the rules of the game. Breaking the rules is an extension of the rules.

Do the creators understand that there is an inherent contraction in having a game based on lawless violence? Maybe, maybe not. But by using the cheat codes for anything BUT the game, maybe that contradiction becomes more poetic and resonates with our lives. Maybe I’m over analyzing.