Featured Image for Newcastle’s One Tree Coffee Co.

Newcastle’s One Tree Coffee Co.

It is the perfect summer morning pick-me-up: iced coffee. Cold, refreshing, caffeinated. Pour it over ice, mix in a touch of milk, perhaps a dash of sugar and you’re ready to begin the day. Happily, coffee companies around the world seemed to have caught on to the love for this cool cuppa and it’s now finding its into bottles from Portland to Australia for your immediate drinking pleasure.
Enter One Tree Coffee Co.

Based out of Newcastle NSW, this boutique espresso bar has recently launched a new line of cold-brewed iced coffee that’ll have you buzzing in no time. Every day One Tree Coffee Co. is brewed in house using a small range of quality blends and single-origin coffees, which are then bottled in the store and sold that same day. Vintage labels, inspired by old railways and this coastal city’s industrial past, were designed so that the details of its contents could easily be marked by hand each day. So pick one up, shake it up, and satisfy your cold coffee craving.

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