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The Flavor Thesaurus

Sometimes stellar flavor combinations just jump right out at you — chocolate and coffee, bacon and egg, peanut butter and banana. But other times, it might take a little bit more exploring to find that perfect pairing.

Well, Niki Segnit — an author and a dedicated foodie — is here to help. She’s created a ‘thesaurus’ of ‘99 different flavors — everything from basil to caviar, from raspberries to lamb — to help curious cooks everywhere figure out what exactly goes with what. Segnit offers some inventive suggestions: try blending avocado and mango, for instance, or chocolate and cardamom, or chestnuts and pear. She even throws in some recipes to get you started.

The book has gotten rave reviews since it came out last summer (‘the perfect manual for experimental cooks’, gushed one London paper). We’re big fans too — especially of its sleek, designy cover. So check it out, and taste for yourself. [Photo via Suzana [Gourmets] on Flickr.]