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The Doughnut Vault in Chicago

If you think the world of fried pastry starts with Dunkin Donuts and ends with Krispy Kreme, then you need to hop on the next plane to Chicago. As of about three weeks ago, the Windy City is now home to a tiny underground shop called The Doughnut Vault, where “fat and delicious” doughnuts are made fresh every morning.

Working in small batches, the owners bake up goodies like gingerbread stacks, buttermilk old-fashioneds, and of course the classic chocolate- and vanilla-glazed. But be sure to set your alarm. The Vault starts selling between 8 and 9am and only stays open ‘til that morning’s batch runs out. So get out of bed already and get over there. A piping-hot doughnut is calling your name.

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