Featured Image for Beer poster by Californian creative agency Belancio

Beer poster by Californian creative agency Belancio

Beer before liqueur, never been sicker, liqueur before beer, you’re in the clear. Ah, the fail-safe mantra of every college kid. Surprisingly enough, that timeless proverb isn’t all that preposterous according to a fab new poster by Californian creative agency Belancio.

Ok, while it doesn’t affirm the order in which you can safely chase one alcohol with another, it does lay out exactly how beer puts you in the clear from a number of health and lifestyle concerns. It’s all neatly arranged on this stylish poster from how many ounces a day increases your lifespan compared to abstainers to how it cleans your kidneys, wards off dementia and lowers your cholesterol, among other things. Bars and beer geeks the world over will be hanging these posters in triumph, saying, ‘Finally the beer belly myth has been busted!’ So forget the apple, forget the doctor, hang this poster with pride and raise a pint to health and happiness!