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Shebeen: first-ever non-profit drinking establishment

Like drinking beer? Like doing good? Well, stay with us here, because we’ve stumbled upon a little place Down Under where you’ll soon be able to do both at the same time. It’s a bar called Shebeen, and we reckon it’s the world’s first-ever non-profit drinking establishment.

The brainchild of a 27 year-old Australian named Simon Griffiths, Shebeen is based on a blissfully simple concept: For each bottle of beer or glass of wine sold, two dollars goes straight towards a development project in the drink’s country of origin. So try some St George’s Beer to jumpstart a microfinance scheme in Ethiopia. Or sip someSouth African wine to help improve child safety in the country.

Intrigued? So are we. But don’t go booking your flights to Melbourne just yet. Shebeen has yet to open its doors, since Griffiths is still trying to raise the money he needs to get the bar going. But he promises that opening day is coming soon(ish). So stay tuned: or even help him raise some cash. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to toss back a brewskie, and save the world.