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Fully functioning pens made from candy

Find yourself hankering for a little snack during the midday paperwork? Wishing you just had a little something to tide you over until dinner? How about a pen? While you’ve probably already considered gnawing on your writing utensil, or perhaps you already possess an array of half-masticated pens (guilty!), what would you say to a fully functioning pen made out of candy?

Heck yes! And you can thank Dave Hakkens, a design student from the Netherlands for envisioning such a brilliant product. While lamenting the unclean state of his own writing apparatus, Hakkens set out to design a pen worth chewing on. His pens consist of twenty-two pieces of chewy candy pieces in a range of flavours like watermelon, kiwi and banana. The candy doesn’t stick or melt in your hands (think of it as a stack of those rocket candies popular at Halloween) and the ink itself is even edible. My only problem? Eating the whole thing before I’ve finished my sentence.