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Interview with Australian singer-songwriter Wons Phreely

We love the new Tonight EP by Sydney-based singer-songwriter, Wons Phreely. So we pinned him down for a quick chat, starting off by asking him what he’s been listening to lately: ‘I listen to a lot of old stuff: Bowie, Springsteen, Clash, Smiths, Billy Bragg, and recently I loved the album called Midnight Remember by Little Red. Also, coincidently, the new album by Little Dragon. I did gigs with both those bands last year’. [right click here for a free download of ‘Tonight: The Convaire Remix’]

What was the most difficult song on the new recording to finish from a songwriting perspective and why?
‘The Romancer was probably the hardest song to get finished because it was the first song I have ever really tried to write with other people. It began with some sounds that a producer/artist called Bitmap created.

‘I came in touch with him when I was in the UK, and then I brought back with me these sounds and started writing other ideas over them. First it was one song, then he did some more work on it, and when I heard what he had done to it, I started writing a totally different set of lyrics and melody over it.

‘Then I took all these ideas to Skeet, who is the other producer I worked with, and he came up with all these magic ideas, and we just kept on going. It went on a bit, until the day we were supposed to be mastering. We wanted to cancel the mastering so we could keep going, but the guy at the mastering studio was heading out of town for two months, so we just had to decide that it was finished that morning. It came up pretty mad, which is a just what the record needed to finish it off’.