Featured Image for Chocolates with Attitude

Chocolates with Attitude

Ever since Lucy and Ethel were captured scarfing down chocolates on the conveyor belt, the industrial candy factory image has sort of stuck. But as hilarious as that was, these days it’s all about artisanal, handmade sweets. And one Danish collaboration has taken this to a whole new level. Enter Chocolates with Attitude.

To create this unique series, Denmark-based Bessermachen DesignStudio partnered with ‘chocolate artist’ extraordinaire Henrik Konnerup. The result is, quite literally, something of a masterpiece.

First, there are the chocolates. Produced by Konnerup, 12,000 pieces of artisanal chocolates were each handmade and individually wrapped. Flavors range from chocolate with lavender to dark chocolate with curry and pistachio, all inspired by a contemporary spin on traditional Nordic cuisine and Scandinavian tastes.

Then, there is the packaging. For all 12,000 pieces, 1,000 boxes with 12 different designs were created (still with us?). Each box reflects the identify of the product within and though all are distinct, the multiple packages come together nicely as a holistic collection. Graffiti, blackboards, comic books, confetti, and music sheets are just a few of the standouts in the series.

Between the graphic design, the care given to the sweets, and its limited run, Chocolates with Attitude is being hailed as a collector’s item. Now that’s a collection I could definitely get down with.