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Petit Pois

If you’re struggling to fulfill your five-a-day vegetable quota, Petit Pois is here to help. Just reach for one of their cupcakes. These charming beauties are, surprisingly, chock full of veggies. In fact, more than half of the ingredients in these tasty cakes are vegetables, from pumpkin to zucchini to beetroot.

Free-range eggs, cocoa, and vanilla bean are also added, to create scrumptious flavors like lemon and orange, or the classic vanilla and chocolate. The brainchild of Ashley Maddox — also known as the marketing wiz behind the Bono’s (RED) campaign, for one – and Harry Eastwood, of the UK’s Channel 4’s Cook Yourself Thin fame, these vege cakes are cleverly wrapped up in playful, bright packaging. And better yet, their lactose and gluten free and under 175 calories each. So if you’re looking for a cupcake without the guilt, you may do well to look no further than Petit Pois — and count it as your apple a day.