Featured Image for Gold Glitters slip-on by Tom’s

Gold Glitters slip-on by Tom’s

My lil sis, Caitlin Zaino of The Urban Grocer is getting hitched. And as the Maid of Honor and resident style guru of the bridal party, we’ve spent a lot of time talking fashion particulars. Most notably, her ‘day of’ footwear.

My sister is not a high heel lover, and while a shawty, she adores the comfort of flats. Plus, she’s marrying in a Provencal field of lavender in high summer, so the spiked heel thing is not the best bet. Enter Tom’s. I already think he is a super hero, with the altruistic business model of ‘One for One’ gifting someone in need with each purchase, so his newest sparkly Gold Glitters slip-on has me saying ‘I do’.