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Portuguese fried donuts

Occasionally we come across something so exceptionally delicious that we can’t get it out of our mind. Our latest obsession is the malasada from Leonard’s Bakery’s in Honolulu, Hawaii. Leonard’s has been churning out these Portuguese fried donuts since 1952 – that longevity alone is something to celebrate.

We’re tough critics, but even we have to admit these little devils are perfect if just about every way. Malasadas look like sugar covered dinner rolls but taste like simply the best, chewy, yeasty donuts we’ve ever tasted. They can be ordered with plain sugar, cinnamon sugar, or pink li-hing sugar. We’ll take one of each, please and thank you. If you’re imagining a bakery from the old school with a sign of twinkling lights out front and little old ladies working the counter you’d be right. Trust us on this one. Krispy Kreme eat your heart out. Seek out this place next time you’re on Oahu. Your vacation posse will worship you.