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Le Naked Lunch: gourmet canned lunches

If the words “canned” and “meat” scare you a little, dredging up uncomfortable associations with Spam, we totally understand. But Quebec-based ‘conserverie artisanale’ has dared to show us that the can is cool, and canned meat just as appealing.

Aptly named Gastronomie Le Naked Lunch, this line of gourmet canned lunches comes from the former Montreal bistro by the same name and offers a small but solid selection of endearingly classic, rugged Quebecois fare. The line-up includes the ultimate tribute to Montreal cuisine in the form of “smoked meat de canard,” which has got some restaurants serving it up on crispy baguettes for a gourmet quick lunch.

There is also Alsatian-style sauerkraut chock-full of smoked sausage and the flavours of beloved Montreal craft brewery’s St. Ambroise blonde. And don’t overlook the downright quintessential Pate Chinois de Gibier, the authentic Quebecois shepherd’s pie. And you can have it all straight from the can, lumberjack-style.

So if you’re craving something honest and hearty, then strip it all down to the bare essentials and have a naked lunch.

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