Featured Image for The Urban Grocer Supper Club

The Urban Grocer Supper Club

Adding to the list of pop-ups and closed-door eateries making waves in cities globally is Switzerland’s first: The Urban Grocer Supper Club. Operating out of yet-to-be-disclosed locations in and around Geneva, this new underground space is set to showcase cutting-edge concepts in food around the world through menus and events inspired by these trends — and trendsetters.

Starting in March, The Urban Grocer Supper Club will launch with three events that will interpret modern American cooking inspired by the flavors and trends in the United States today. Think the United States is all about white bread and meatloaf? Think again.

For their inaugural dinner, the inventive and unique foods and fusion-flavor combinations that are dominating the California coast will serve as inspiration for a one-off menu. Like all good closed-door spots, details of the location and time are communicated only the week of the event. And the menus? Well, that’s secret too.