Featured Image for New Zealand’s Murder Burger

New Zealand’s Murder Burger

As an internet-lover, it’s almost an orgasmic moment when you find a website that really cuts through. Kind of like a chef’s knife through a premium piece of steak, it just has that ‘something’. Why am I giving this crazy analogy? Well, a friend of mine told me about a Kiwi burger joint called Murder Burger.

The burger menu looks pretty cool, but really, you need to check out their blog and their advertising. With slogans like ‘Meat will make you happy Freelance Web Designer’ and ‘Meat will make you happy, Gold Digger whose husband lost his gold’, there are a number of priceless ad creations from the team.

The ‘Find Us’ section of the site is also totally novel, with three different landmarks you can use to find them.

Landmark number one is, ‘Murder Burger is next to MECCA, which is a high-end cosmetic store where everything is perfect and white like a rich person’s bathroom and not like your bathroom at all, which probably has bits of dirt stuck in the corners where the mop doesn’t quite get to. And sure you could probably get the dirt out with an old toothbrush or something, but who really cares’.

I’d love to make it to Murder Burger one day for dinner, but until then, I’ll check into their site to get the creative juices flowing.