Featured Image for GOOD Creation Laboratory bags

GOOD Creation Laboratory bags

‘Down with the plastic bag!’ So says Lillie Toogood, the founder of GOOD Creation Laboratory, a little Kiwi company that creates inspired designs for cotton tees and bags. If you haven’t already ditched those flimsy plastic things they hand out at the supermarket, GOOD’s totes might just convince you to finally go green. Or blue. Or pink. Or black.

Choose your color – or pick up a pack of all four – and you can carry your own goods back home in style. If you happen to be passing through Wellington, New Zealand, you can pick up GOOD bags and tees alike at The Cotton Store on Vivian Street. Sydneysiders, stay tuned: you should be able to find GOOD stuff near you in the near future. Or for anybody who’s not heading Down Under, the company ships its products globally. Now that’s what we call a GOOD idea.