Featured Image for Burn Cottage wines, Central Otago, New Zealand

Burn Cottage wines, Central Otago, New Zealand

Lunar cycles, celestial rhythms, mystical teachings, these are the makings of a truly unique glass of wine. And it is exactly what you can expect from the debut vintage of Burn Cottage Vineyard, nestled in the coveted foothills of Central Otago, New Zealand. Burn Cottage is a new, entirely biodynamic winery that embraces a most enchanting practice in viticulture, balancing terroir winemaking with minimal technology, a harmonious farm ecosystem, and an emphasis on accentuating the natural genius of the property.

Vines were carefully planted in blocks according to soil aspects and coexist next to grazing Highland cattle, beehives and an olive grove.

Their equally magical packaging design was envisioned by our favourite Aussie creative agency Mash and comprises a collage of images from Von Goethe’s tale of the “Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily”. This is widely known as having informed the work of the founding father of biodynamic agriculture and underlies the merits of humans working symbiotically with their environment.

It isn’t hard to believe then that their first wine is said to be earthy, fresh and complex. Try a glass and prepare to encounter viticulture at its most organic.