Featured Image for Modernist Cuisine

Modernist Cuisine

‘The cookbook to end all cookbooks’. That’s what culinary guru David Chang has called Modernist Cuisine, the six-volume cooking tome that’s due out in March. The brainchild of Nathan Myhrvold, the former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, the book’s 2,400 exquisitely illustrated pages explore the physics of food and describe some über-sophisticated techniques like how to cook ‘sous vide’ (hint: you need a vacuum-sealed bag and many, many hours).

The written content promises to enlighten, but we’re smitten with the killer photos. Up-and-coming photographer Ryan Matthew Smith is responsible for the book’s eye-popping shots. Examples include a snap of a sniper bullet slicing through half a dozen eggs, and a funky cross-section photo of a couple ofhamburgers browning nicely on a fiery grill.

So even if you don’t happen to have any vacuum-sealed bags lying around your kitchen, don’t give ‘Modernist Cuisine’ a miss. The hip photos alone are definitely worth a drool.