Featured Image for The Albert Reichmuth Wine Store in Zurich

The Albert Reichmuth Wine Store in Zurich

Looking for something to do with all of those empty wine crates filling up your cellar? Well, you’re not alone. From kitchen interiors entirely created with recycled wooden wine boxes to crate-landscaped wine boutiques, there is no shortage of conceptualizing fresh ways to turn these simple cartons into masterpieces. Take The Albert Reichmuth Wine Store, for example.

At this Zurich-based boutique, over 1500 unbranded wine boxes line every inch of the space from floor to ceiling. Wooden wine crates serve as everything from furniture and chairs, to platforms for showcasing bottles and books. Conceptualized by the Swiss architecture firm OOS, this shop rocks a truly unique cellar-like atmosphere, bordering on a wine museum or gallery — fitting then that it’s also known as “La Galerie du Vin.” But the stellar interior aside, the real motivation behind this once exclusively private boutique is to support tasting, learning — and of course shopping — for wines, whether you’re a connoisseurs or an amateur. Whatever your knowledge, here, the bottles truly speak for themselves.