Featured Image for Dan Deacon to score Francis Ford Coppola’s next film

Dan Deacon to score Francis Ford Coppola’s next film

Dan Deacon has somehow managed to become a divisive figure without actually doing or saying anything controversial. Apparently, the cartoon voices, his psychotically happy and celebratory music, his big glasses, his physique, his whole vibe pisses off a lot of people. Good. That’s what punk rock was all about.

Dan may be becoming a big celebrity, but he’s still just Dan in Baltimore, one of the many people making shit happen for themselves, a guy who very much is still involved in what’s going on around here. He’s into what he’s doing, and that’s what a lot of the people who leave nasty comments online don’t seem to understand.

Anyway, the big news lately is that Dan has been selected by none other than Francis Ford Coppola to compose the score for the legendary director’s next film, Twixt Now and Sunrise, which will star Val Kilmer and Bruce Dern. Sounds like it could be really rad, even if it’s really goofy. Go Dan.