Featured Image for 2011 Lavazza calendar

2011 Lavazza calendar

Italian coffee, vivid romance, beautiful people, and jaw-dropping scenery. Welcome to the 2011 Lavazza calendar, a lavish display of java-inspired opulence from Italy’s 100-year-old coffee company. This year’s calendar showcases the work of American Mark Seliger, the former Rolling Stone photographer who’s now one of the most coveted celebrity snappers in Hollywood.

Each of the calendar’s six highly stylized images features a couple in a different Italian setting — lounging by the beach in Capri, dozing under a haystack in Tuscany, kissing in the middle of a plaza in Florence. Look carefully: a coffee cup also turns up in every picture, but you might not spot it at first glance.

If you haven’t already bought a calendar for 2011, this one is definitely worth a look. Its theme is ‘falling in love in Italy’. The year may still be young, but we’re already head over heels.