Featured Image for Arkakao: a new ice cream boutique in Buenos Aires

Arkakao: a new ice cream boutique in Buenos Aires

Argentines love their ice cream almost as much as they love their beef. And the newest ice cream boutique to hit the town has taken this casual local favorite to new, sophisticated heights. Arkakao – which opened in the posh neighborhood of Recoleta earlier last year – prides itself on making fresh, natural gelato free of preservatives and additives.

All ice creams are handmade daily using a fabulous mix of local products and special ingredients flown in directly from Italy for a true Argentine helado meets Italian gelato combination. Stand out flavors are cinnamon chocolate, caramel flan and Sicilian pistachio, which are like none other in Buenos Aires.

The cherry on top — pun intended — is the interior. Set in a beautiful old-fashioned casona, the space holds two sizeable chandelier-clad sitting rooms as well as a stylish patio where in-the-know portenos sit back and enjoy this refreshing treat on a warm summer’s day.

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