Featured Image for Le Carré des Chocolatiers

Le Carré des Chocolatiers

What do you get when the finest chocolate makers of Switzerland are given free rein to unleash their creativity? Le Carré des Chocolatiers, that’s what. And one bite of their tasty inventions and you’ll agree that it was a damn fine idea.

This series of contemporary, artisan chocolates are the genius of Swiss chocolatiers throughout the country, who put their passion, talent, and artistic expression into each individual tablet. From their fragrant collection, to their ganaches and gourmet range, there are nine series in total, each which represents an unexpected sensory experience. Take the limited edition Summum Circus, for instance: a unique combination of curry and spices — from caraway to black mustard and fennel — topped with crispy Pop Rocks. If the sun soaked Southern European seas are more your style, then check out the Mediterraneao, which boasts thyme, lavender, oregano, and sage, among other heady aromas.

But whatever flavor you fancy, you can be sure it’ll look as delightful as it tastes. The work of Geneva-based GVA Studio, Le Carré des Chocolatiers’ collection is all wrapped up in album-like packaging, rocking bright colors and a rad, urban vibe design. How’s that for some Swiss inspiration?