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Minus 8 vinegar

Wine turning to vinegar. Sounds like any vintner’s nightmare. Or does it? Enter Minus 8. Produced out of Ontario, Canada, this rare little product made in limited quantities boasts a cult-like following for its stellar, fall-off-your-chair taste. Yes, we’re still talking about vinegar— but not just any vinegar.

To make it, Riesling grapes are harvested at temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius below zero – i.e. Minus 8 – then dried, squeezed, and finally slow fermented twice over. The result is an addictive potion that has got the zing of vinegar but none of the unpleasant tanginess. In contrast, its syrupy mellowness is the perfect complement to tenderloin or foie gras, grilled peaches or ice cream. Better yet, just a cheeky sip all on its own will do too. And while Minus 8 rocks heaps of rave reviews for its complex yet smooth taste, what it’s certainly not is cheap. If you spring for a bottle, you might just find yourself minus a few.