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The Vegetable Orchestra

Have you heard your veggies today? Eat them if you want. But we’ve been enjoying the sweet, sweet music emanating from a medley of fresh vegetables in Austria. The Vegetable Orchestra is truly a one of a kind genius ensemble composed of a few clever and talented musicians in Vienna. It sounds too quirky to be for real, right? That’s what we thought anyway.

But no, the Orchestra was founded in 1998 and plays concerts all over the world (they’re no joke!) Currently, the band is heavily touring in the US and soon will be making veggies magic in France and the UK. For each show, the group carves fresh instruments using drills and knives. Have you ever played the flute on a carrot or the leek violin or celeriac bongos? The orchestra is celebrating the release of their new album Onionnoise. The coolest part? After the music is over the audience is offered vegetable soup prepared from the instruments. Wow.

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