Hipster City Cycle: an 8-bit bike race

Hipster City Cycle is an 8-bit bike race adventure set in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Although, the game has not been released yet, it’s been getting a lot of buzz from the media. Even the hipster-haters, such as the upper-echelon New Yorkers, are getting a kick out of the idea of the game, posted in the New York Times: ‘If this is not happening already, someone should create a Hipster City Cycle for New York’.

Artsy Philadelphians get to be the first to test out the game. Hipster City Cycle has announced that they’ll be sharing their iPhones at the Part Time Studio’s One Year Anniversary art show on December 3. The game is scheduled for release sometime in early winter and it will be available in the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.