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Tea-infused chocolate bars

Everybody knows that chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven (really, who can say no to a mocha?). But the story doesn’t end there. Smile Chocolatiers, a new confectioner based in Malibu, California, has set out to prove that coffee’s milder cousin — tea — deserves its own special relationship with the treat. Enter Choclatea, Smile’s line of tea-infused chocolate bars, each of which combines the finest Belgian chocolate with crushed organic tea leaves.

The result: a delicate balance of flavor that will have you lunging for seconds. And there are plenty of varieties to sample, from white chocolate with pistachio green tea to very dark chocolate with herbal chai. To top it all off, each bar is dressed up in clean white packaging with brilliant watercolor details. With chocolate this good, though, you won’t be looking at that wrapper for very long.