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Zombie Cupcakes

If someone gave me a Zombie Cupcake, I can’t decide if I would be too scared to put it in my mouth, or if I’d want to put it in an air-tight glass jar and keep it. And now you have the opportunity to make that decision with Zilly Posen’s Zombie Cupcake book.

With recipes ranging from Zombie Flesh to Zombie Brain, Gravestones and Night Of The Living Cupcake, you will find every classic Zombie moment in Zilly’s book. All of the cooking and icing techniques are included, and every recipe features step-by-step instructions on how to create the most devilish and un-dead cupcakes in existence (creepy photos included)

Zilly, the brains behind this Cupcake madness firstly trained as an artist, and then as a cake designer, so you know this is going to be good. If you are lucky enough to be in Buffalo, New York, you can visit Zilly’s Cake shop at 1008 Elmwood Avenue.