Featured Image for &CO wine labels by New Zealand’s Inhouse Design

&CO wine labels by New Zealand’s Inhouse Design

The aromatic white wines from New Zealand’s boutique winery &Co are the embodiment of simplicity. Founded only in 2009, this winery seeks to produce a single unique estate wine each year from their north-facing hillside vines that are said to bear notes of passionfruit, guava and lime.

In an effort to capture this spirit of simplicity and singularity, Inhouse design came up with a terribly chic packaging scheme for its bottles, making traditional corkscrewed wines seem shabby in comparison. These bottles feature a striking black and white palette with bold typography and an unusually appealing crown seal. Suddenly the crown seal looks totally hip. So pop a cap and pour a glass for yourself… and company, because with these bottles, you’ve got to drink it all. What a shame.