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Interview with Australian artist Bindi Booth

Thrilled by her gorgeous illustrations, we caught up with Australian illustrator Bindi Booth to gain an insight into the colourful world of such a wonderful young talent.
How would you describe you style?
‘I have heard my style described as feminine, girly, childlike and innocent. I really like hearing how other people describe my work. I love pastel colours, fashion and textile patterns and I think this is reflected a lot through my finished art’.

What have been your inspirations and influences? Have they changed since you first started?
‘I have always loved drawing! I was the child in the backseat of the family Holden drawing away crazily during the endless road-trips of my childhood. Art was my favourite subject at school, so it was no surprise to me or my family and friends when it became my career as well. I am very thankful that my childhood love/hobby has become a collaborative business for me. My influences haven’t really changed. I have always loved playing dress-ups and visiting op shops for treasures. I have always loved creating my own little worlds and characters. I have always loved reading magazines. My version of doing the grocery shopping is standing in the magazine aisle for 90 percent of the time that I’m supposed to be doing the shopping!’

What environment do you thrive on to create your art?
‘I’m a homebody. I love being in my studio, surrounded by my treasures and where I can create at my own pace. That seems to take the stress out of deadlines for me. I live in a beautiful coastal town, so I love looking out the window and seeing the ocean. I find it endlessly inspiring’.
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