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The AP Tour

The AP Tour brought metalcore music heavyweights and a convoy of sponsor vans head-first into a stormy Seattle last night. The Hurley denim reps were rattled; they’d endured a long drive from Utah through what they described as the worst weather they’d ever experienced. Joking around with them before the show I realised how shaken up these guys actually were; hands were still shaking and their laughter was racked by nerves.

Shooting a metalcore show is tough work. It’s a sweaty affair punctuated by rocking floorboards, flying kids, steamy lenses and subjects who refuse to keep still. It was the first time I’d seen songwriter JB Brubaker and August Burns Red play, and I was curious to see how Jona Weinhoffen (ex Bleeding Through and I Killed The Prom Queen) was settling in with new outfit Bring Me The Horizon. As expected, performances were charged, riffs were tight and ink was everywhere. Five solid bands playing a classic venue at capacity.