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Intelligent Vending

Eating out of a vending machine never looked so good. Let’s face it, eating this way will probably never be healthy. But could you be enticed by it’s sleek looks? Tokyo vending goers think so. Though they have had a long standing love affair with automated food dispensers (they have the highest number of vending machines per capita), we all know that Tokyoites do tend to be the harbingers of cool, especially when it comes to electronics.

New large-screen LCD touch panel vending machines have begun popping up all over the city offering a new experience to the old push-the-button dispensers. If the trend catches on, TUG loves that we won’t have to fish around for pocket change anymore since the machines will accept credit cards. Though we’ll lament the (potential) demise of retro machines where the consumer watches as their soda or candy bar is dropped to the little door below. Five hundred of these “smart” vending machines are expected to be installed all over Tokyo within the next two years.

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Caitlin spends her days scouring the globe for the world’s coolest food finds. She is the founder of online food pop-culture mag, The Urban Grocer, and is a food writer, blogger, producer, television presenter and supper club chef. She lives between Europe and NY with her husband and their dog, Taco.

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