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Australia’s inspiring nightlife

Trading nightlife between countries. What a neat idea to switch music, parties, food, places, drinks, people and the inner workings of far-flung cultures for a night and just see what happens. We’re into it, so we figured that a good way to support would be to discover what nightlife means to some of our favourite Aussie creatives.

We’ve just wrapped the interview series during which we heard about a tight knit community from Pat Stevenson, food and friends from Jai Pyne, lurking in shadows from Anthony Lister (ha!), more food and friends from Luca Ionescu and a fistful of music and good times from Dan Single.

Can’t help but wonder how many kebabs and Four’N Twenties snuck into the crate before it was sealed up. We’ll find out on November 27 when the world swaps nights and the Aussie crate is cracked open somewhere across the pond. Not sure which country’s crate is landing in Australia, but if you’d like to be at the party in Sydney head over to Smirnoff Australia for a shot at attending. [Taj Alexander is pictured with his crate artwork in Melbourne]