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Erin Flannery

Stumbling upon great artists is like a mini holiday for the mind. And if you are in need of a hypnotic holiday away from the day-to-day, I would encourage you to sit with a cup of Rhubarb and Apple tea and stare at Erin Flannery’s work for as long as you need for your heart and mind to feel full again.

Flannery is a self-taught artist and lover of all things black, white, weird, wonderful and fashion-related. Flannery’s art is flavoured with her daily observations of the fashion world, and she admits to being highly amused by the latest ‘killer trends’, ‘killer heels’ and flashy brand names.

In the words of Flannery: ‘I love to think of my style as illustration, street art and a hint of hand-stitching all meeting each other in a dark but lovely alleyway, getting on really well, and deciding to throw themselves all over a raw-linen canvas’.

Flannery’s first solo show in August this year was sold-out before the doors even opened, so I think we can safely say we’re going to be seeing the observations of Erin Flannery for some time to come.