Featured Image for Rub My Buddha jelly moulds

Rub My Buddha jelly moulds

With the recent jelly craze raging abroad, it seemed inevitable that someone would endeavour to bring it home to us closet jellymongers and wannabe gastro artists the world over. Luckily Milan’s crafty Nobody & Co has done just that with it’s cheeky set of Il Buddino pudding molds adorably shaped as portion sized Buddhas.

Available in a range of food inspired colours from pistachio to burgundy wine and blood orange, these jiggly icons of spirituality are sure to awe and delight your next dinner guests. And they’ll likely charm their palates too thanks to such suggested recipes for filling it’s quivering limbs like lemon, coffee and cinnamon layered pudding to mango coconut parfait and vanilla panna cotta. Who knew the path to nirvana would be so wobbly?