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Dan Single on Australia’s inspiring nightlife

We asked Dan Single of Sydney’s Ksubi and Bang Gang Deejays what Aussie nightlife means to him. Just like the rest of the series we asked for one thing that represents Aussie nightlife, but Dangerous Dan refused.

‘One thing? More like 10 things. It’s exciting, its fresh, its original, music consistently pushes boundaries, drinks are new, people are way up for it, door policies are generally cool’. As for the difference between Aussie nightlife and other countries Dan parties in? ‘There’s a no rules, no expectation type feeling. If the music is fresh the party is fun’. Dan cited Cut Copy, Beni, Ajax, Bag Raiders, Temper Trap, The Presets and Little Bambalam in his list of fave Aussie nightlife tunes. What does Aussie nightlife mean to you? Fill the crate with your fave tunes, artists and places.