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Lil Boosie

I’m not a hip-hop expert. I’m just a suburban kid who listened to a fair share of it growing up. I loved ’90s hip-hop. It seemed grittier and more interesting than the materialistic top-40 rap of the early Aughts. I sort of gave up on hip-hop for a while. Recently, though, I’ve been hearing some really great stuff. Lil Boosie is a dude from Baton Rouge. He’s in prison awaiting trial for murder.

Not that I condone murder, but this guy seems to really live the life he raps about — he even raps about his diabetes. The beats on his latest album, Incarcerated, are incredible and include samples of gospel organ and blues guitar, and menacing piano. It’s a really hard-hitting, head-banging record that I will blast out the window of the Astrovan that I have been riding all over the country in with a touring DIY theater group. We roll deep.