Featured Image for Exhibit B exhibition in New York

Exhibit B exhibition in New York

The Idea behind my recent show, Exhibit B, was simple: I really wanted to pay homage to Guy Bourdin while putting my own spin on what he’s done and how he’s influenced and inspired me. I think we share a similar sense of humor.

It’s a dry British humour that deconstructs what are really seen as regular elements of composition in photography: the chopping of body parts out of the frame, the unfinished narratives and ‘fashion’ images that in my mind are bigger than fashion images and secretly have nothing to do with fashion at all. There are no apologies offered in the work and I respect that.

The concept of this body of work was born in my head before I thought of making it a Guy Bourdin tribute. I wanted to do a leg story, really, just for fun. Legs speak to me and can be really expressive. There are a few girls I know that have amazing legs who I really wanted to photograph.

My friend Nadja has a beautiful space in Williamsburg called Rouge 58 and we wanted to do a show together at her space for a while. It just so happens that she wanted to schedule my show to open just as New York Fashion Week started. This is the moment when the concept went from fun weekend with friends and a camera, to a real life photography exhibition that had the potential to be something tangible and big.

The show itself was amazing and far exceeded any expectations I had. I was flattered to have some of my heroes in the art world come through and grace the space with their presence. Artists such as Eric Haze and Dust La Rock came through, as did the likes of photographer Phil Knott, amongst others.
kareem black legs photo
kareem black legs photo
kareem black legs photo